Welcome to Metamorphogenesis. We are facilitators of psychedelic experiences with a view to transmuting and healing childhood trauma; treatment resistant depression; end of life anxiety; PTSD and cluster headaches.

We also offer services to end patterns of addiction and negative behaviours by raising your conscious awareness to a higher vibrational frequency where these patterns are no longer compulsive and gently remind you to be the best and most authentic possible version of yourself.

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We design sessions tailored to your needs. You decide the method, duration and form of your experience. First step is a consultation via telephone, skype or facebook call. We will discuss your intention and desired outcomes. Then we’ll decide, using current best practice, the most suitable treatment for your transformation.

Our Confidential Integration Counselling Service can be used in conjunction with any experience or taken as a separate service where we place you in the hands of trained transpersonal therapists conversant with the use of entheogens and psychedelic treatments.

N.B. Please be aware that certain conditions may preclude you from experiences with psychedelics. These include, but are not restricted to, a personal or family history of mental illness, weak heart or other serious medical conditions. In initial consultation with your facilitator we will advise what is and isn’t possible within the scope of what you seek to achieve. When medicating depression with SSRIs. It is best to be 6 weeks free of SSRIs before commencing any use of psychedelics, this can be managed with the collaboration of your personal physician and is best done very gradually.

Set, Setting and Substance


Our setting and the expert guidance of our facilitators will help you achieve the correct mindset for completing this essential transition.

The facilities at the ‘Lake of Joy’ in the Groen Hart  (Green Heart) of the Netherlands offer the most delightful setting for your treatment. The Groen Hart is close to Amsterdam and most other major cities in the west of Holland, it is a relaxed, peaceful and rural location in the centre of the Randstad.

Sunrises here are quite spectacular and impart a feeling of rebirth after your successful transformation to become the best that you can possibly be. Ensconced in nature and surrounded by water, here you can rest assured that you are in the perfect environment for your life changing experience.

Substance and dosage is decided in consultation with your facilitator.

N.B. Please note that certain substances may require further travel to other locations due to considerations of permissibility.


                Our stunning location in pictures: