Hero’s Journey…

My search for self lead me to Rudi. It was love on first sight and things took shape almost magically in the sense that the truffle journey I had planned with my girlfriend, under Rudi’s supervision, turned into a “Hero’s Journey”. The Hero’s Journey is a special service of Rudi’s which means that you eat as many truffles as you can until you purge.

What followed was simply indescribable. What I can say though was that Rudi was the perfect partner in this experience and I trusted him with all my heart and my life as I realized what he was doing. I met my biggest fear, the fear of losing control and ultimately the fear of dying.

At the end of the hero’s journey, which is with the sunrise, Rudi would hold my hand and jump with me into the Lake of Joy. I had dreaded this moment for hours but knew I had to jump. Needless to say that jumping with Rudi instead of getting pushed anywhere – at no point was Rudi pushing – was a wonderful support and jumping into the lake was a waking up moment for me that I won’t forget.

I love you Rudi. I’m glad we met again in this life and am eternally thankful for sharing this (and our other) wonderful experience(s) with you.
To all that are interested in psychedelic journeys contact Rudi and follow your intuition. It’ll know whether this is for you at this point in time.

Safe travels to you all.