After meeting Rudi face to face online, I found him to be my best choice…

I did a fair amount of research on which guide to choose for my psychedelic exploration–and I have a history of psychedelic use for spiritual/self-actualization development–but after meeting Rudi face to face online I found him to be my best choice. As a Humanist-Atheist-Naturalist I was having difficulty finding a person sufficiently aligned with my values, so it was good to have located Rudi.

I will be traveling to his abode on the Lake of Joy soon to continue my self-actualization. From what I have read here and my experience with Rudi so far, I think others might want to check out his service before deciding who to go with. This should be a very important decision. So investigate Rudi along with others and compare.

JACK CARNEY21 June 2019