Review of Metamorphogenesis at the Lake of Joy from Gerrard X…

I find on psychedelics one can notice another’s intentions and feelings more deeply and clearly. In that psychedelic space, for me, Rudi radiated wisdom, compassion, and gentleness; invaluable qualities that were so useful for my particular experience, and I imagine too for others experiences.

It was challenging for me to fully trust someone whom I had never previously met in real life (even though we had spoken via Skype on numerous occasions) but I trusted Rudi in that space; and I think Rudi’s qualities played a significant part in allowing me to do that.

Overall his facilitation was above and beyond. It was clear to me that he facilitates in a way that a standard psychotherapist cannot. It has now been a couple of months since our session together, and I really believe Rudi played a big part in making my experience so transformative.

Thank you for genuinely changing my life in positive ways Rudi.

Gerrard X – 24 MAY 2019