Metamorphogenesis testimonial…

I got to know Rudi and Brid back in early 2016 via a Facebook group I joined.  All the members of this secret group had at one time or another attended a Plant Medicine ceremony organized by another couple who now, sadly, no longer run their ceremonies.

Going by our mutual ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ it was clear that we had a lot in common.  We held many similar views on life, and love, and we also had a shared affinity for wanting the plant medicines to become accessible to those who were searching for healing and/or spiritual connection/expansion. I found Rudi to be erudite and able to articulate his knowledge of plant medicines in straightforward and easy to understand language.  Like me, he too was excited by the burgeoning of the Psychedelic Renaissance and how it could, potentially, improve life on our planet.  Both Rudi and Brid care deeply about humanity and our planet.

Shortly after we started chatting together on Facebook Rudi very kindly invited me to his home on the Lake of Joy for the launch of Metamorphogenesis.  I was thrilled and eager to accept as I really wanted to meet them both in person.   What’s more, the launch was planned to take place on my 62nd birthday and that felt like a good omen. I was not disappointed.

Both are excellent communicators and experienced in communicating with people from many backgrounds, of different ages; and nationalities. Rudi speaks four languages fluently. They are both astutely sensitive and diplomatic in their speech.  They each have a great appetite for fun and love to share their joy for life with everyone they meet.  Having said that, they are in no way flippant or lackadaisical in their approach to creating and holding a safe space.  In fact, I can say with one hundred percent confidence that when anyone entrusts themselves into their care that they are always patient and mindful of an individual’s need for reassurance, privacy and dignity, and that they will go to any lengths to create and hold space safely for them.  Rudi is an experienced Psychonaut and facilitator.  Brid is also, albeit she is less experienced than Rudi, but only in terms of the length of time she has been actively facilitating Psychedelic experiences. However, she more than makes up for this with her authentic warmth and friendliness and eagerness to support others in their psychedelic journey-quest. Still her knowledge and experience are increasing exponentially. Outside of the work she does with Rudi on the Lake of Joy and the Summer of Love 3.0 she is a psychedelic support volunteer with Kosmicare (European equivalent of The Zendo Project, which is itself a division of, that provides psychedelic support at festivals in the USA).

Having worked for twenty years as a psychotherapist and counsellor I have met and become friends with a lot of people who are called to helping others.  Not long after I became friends with Rudi and Brid, I was invited to join their team of facilitators at the first Summer of Love 3.0 ceremony they held at Ruigoord on the outskirt of Amsterdam.  I’ve helped at a few more since then and I hope to be able to continue doing so for as long as I’m here in this world.  I count myself as extremely fortunate to have these two truly beautiful people as my friends and I consider it a privilege to write this testimonial for the great work they do.

Jane Fortune Reg. MBACP (Accred) – 9 MARCH 2019